Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Service in Valdosta, GA

Exterior painting projects are often forgotten among homeowners when considering renovation and maintenance. Painting the exterior of your home can truly revitalize and restore your home’s beauty. Giving your home’s exterior components a brand-new paint job can leave your home unrecognizably refreshed. Even a small change like having your front door painted can leave your home elegantly standing out from the crowd.

Fresh paint also offers a safeguard to all the exterior parts of your home that are susceptible to rotting. Weather takes a huge toll on every house’s exterior, and paint is one of the vital protectants your home has. Ensuring your exterior paint stays in good condition is vital to extending your home’s lifespan. If your exterior paint has begun to peel or chip, then it is critical the surfaces be repainted to provide adequate protection. So even if you aren’t looking to change the look of your home it’s wise to consider a new paint job from a maintenance standpoint.

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Popular Exterior Paint Projects

Exterior Door Painting

Front doors are probably the most popular painting project when it comes to exterior doors and for good reason. There’s something special about having a beautiful front door as it can add a lot of personality to your home. Also, exterior doors tend to experience a lot of wear and tear due to weather and their frequent use. Renewing the paint on your exterior doors can keep your doors protected as well.

Siding Painting

Siding often faces the brunt of mother nature’s weather and as a result it degrades over time. Siding paint can last for varying timeframes depending on the paint quality, paint process, and the environment it’s exposed to. Working with a team of professionals like Valdosta Painter Pros will ensure your home’s siding will be high-quality and long-lasting.

Newly Painted Green Front Door - Valdosta, GA
White Exterior Trim Painting With Brush - Valdosta, GA

Exterior Trim Painting

Exterior trim often tends to be painted lighter colors causing it to quickly show accumulated dirt and grime. Refinishing your trim with new paint can really give your home’s entire exterior a refreshed look.

Brick & Stucco Painting

Brick or stucco exteriors are typically longer lasting than most siding options, but they still must face the elements daily. Weathered brick or stucco exteriors can be revitalized with a fresh paint job. Painting brick exteriors also brings the benefit of filling mortar cracks and stucco painting can also seal cracks with the proper product selection. Rely on our pros to get the best quality product and finish for your brick or stucco home today!

Deck Painting

Decks typically bear the full force of UV rays and in the southern Georgia region UV can be quite damaging. UV damage can cause paint to fade and peel in time leading to the need for your deck to be repainted. Our experts have a strong knowledge base when it comes to painting decks. Let us restore your deck to its prime!

Fence Painting

Fences generate the first impression of a home or property. Having a freshly painted fence can truly add beauty to an entire property. In addition, if you’re hoping your fence will last as long as possible, then it’s important to ensure painting is a part of your long-term maintenance. Keeping all the fence members coated with high-quality paint can extend the lifespan of a fence by many years.

Deck Fence Painting In Progress - Valdosta GA
Complete Exterior Home Painting Completed - Valdosta, GA

We can tackle Any Exterior Painting!

Don’t see the exterior painting service you’re looking for? Don’t be discouraged! We’re professionals here at Valdosta Painter Pros and we’re confident we can accomplish any of your interior or exterior painting services. Contact us today and we will be happy to consult with you on your next painting project!

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